Turinabol UK: The powerful steroid that produces dry muscle

Getting the maximum results during bodybuilding requires a fine balance of adding mass and shredding fat, while trying to retain strength and optimal performance in the meantime.

Having a clean diet and training well is essential but supplements can really help to take things up to the next level.

Turinabol UK is a powerful anabolic steroid which offers benefits unlike any other. Here’s what you need to know about Turinabol and how it could help you.



Turinabol first appeared in 1962, having been derived from another popular anabolic steroid, dianabol.

However, although some therapeutic benefits have since been identified, what makes Turinabol so unique is that it was originally developed to enhance performance and not for the medical community. For most other anabolic steroids, the reverse is true.

This is perhaps why Turinabol UK has such a profound effect when taken and has remarkably good tolerance levels and low side effects when compared to its potency.

Also, known as Tbol, the drug is excellent for the purposes of retaining lean mass during cutting cycles and can prevent catabolism even during periods of low calorific intake. It also provides a hardness and extra definition to the muscles which is almost unmatched.

turinabolWhile Turinabol is most commonly associated with cutting, it can also be used for bulking. Although it won’t contribute many gains by itself, when used in a stack it can enhance the effects of the other steroids. It manages this by binding to the SHBG in the body, which in turn allows more testosterone to circulate thus amplifying the effects of the steroids.

Turinabol Facts

Turinabol can be taken either orally or injected, with the former exiting the body very quickly and returning a negative test result. For those who plan on competing, this can be a very attractive quality.

Liver toxicity is rarely an issue for Tbol despite being a C17 alpha-alkylated oral steroid unless taken over a prolonged period, so the route of administration is purely personal preference.

The half life is 16 hours which means that the drug needs to be taken daily, either all at once or in divided doses.

Because Tbol was developed for use in athletes, the side effects are far lower than with other anabolic steroids and it has a low androgenicity too. This means that it’s unlikely to cause androgenic side effects such as hair loss in men and providing the dose is kept relatively low, it won’t lead to virilization in women either.

Although the effect is far less marked than with other steroids, testosterone production is still effected so PCT is recommended following any cycle.

Turinabol doesn’t aromatise at any dose so bloating, gynecomastia and blood pressure complications don’t arise.

Get Informed

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