Tanning Dangers and why Tanning Tablets are now the safest tanning method

We all are perfectly aware of the many dangers that come along with sun tanning.  Exposing our bodies to strong UV rays of the sun is not only damaging to our skin, but remarkably dangerous to our health as well.  Research and statistics have proven that sun tanning in direct sunlight accounts for the thousands of people who develop skin cancer year after year.  The UV rays of the sun are powerful and destructive, causing excessive wrinkles, fine lines, sun blotches and spots, as well as skin cancer.  The dangers are many, however, the number of people who still engage in long term sun bathing is uncountable.

Tanning Pills

Many people think that since sun tanning in direct sunlight is dangerous and harmful to our bodies, that utilizing sun tanning lamps or beds is a much better, safer and more effective way of acquiring a sun tan.  This could not be farther from the truth.  The fact of the matter is that sun tanning lamps and beds are every bit as dangerous and destructive as the direct UV rays of the sun since the lamps used are consistent with the UV rays generated by the sun and are every bit as powerful and dangerous.  People think that because they are not outdoors exposing their bodies to direct sunlight that it is perfectly safe and ok to be indoors exposing their bodies to the UV rays of the lamps and beds.

There are so many sun tanning products on the market from sun tanning lamps, tanning beds, and sprays to creams, spray tans in a can and pills which makes it somewhat difficult for the average person to find and determine the best product suited for their individual needs.  The bottom line is that most, if not all forms of sun tanning, are dangerous to our bodies, with the exception perhaps of sun tanning pills and tan tabletsMany of the tablets on the market today are all natural, contain no harmful ingredients and are FDA approved making them beneficial to your ongoing sun tanning quests.

Benefits of Tanning Tablets

Sun TanningAt Spa Tanning Tablets we are dedicated to researching and developing products that offer consumers benefits rather than risks.  With that said, we are proud of our award-winning tan tablets that have earned us a spot at the top of the charts as one of the best all round companies for consumer tanning needs.  Our professional work force and specialists are committed to delivering products and services that are top-rated and unmatched in the marketplace.

Unlike the harmful UV rays of the sun, tanning lamps and/or tanning beds, our spa tanning tablets are not only safe and effective but FDA approved.  Containing no Beta carotene or other harmful ingredients and composed of all natural ingredients, our tan tablets are fast becoming one of the most sought after tanning products on the market today.

Not only do our tablets alleviate all the mess of self-tanning lotions and creams, and the risks of skin cancer, but because they are all natural they work with your body naturally and their organic composition affords consumers other health benefits as well, including helping with weight loss, improving the overall appearance of both hair and your skin, and can even help with the prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease.

If having a tanned body is something that matters much to you then be certain to visit us at www.spatanningtablets.co.uk and order your supply of the world’s best and most effective tanning tablets today.  What are you waiting for?  Get started on that bronzed sexy tan today and you’re sure to be the envy of all your family and friends.

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